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Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for Wheaton!  Please indicate below the volunteer role(s) that interests you the most: (You may indicate more than one.)
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Class Officer Support
Would you like to know more about your classmates, develop leadership skills and become involved with opportunities that match your interests without making a substantial commitment? This volunteer role gives you the ability to support the work of your class officer team through various tasks and assignments such as: provide updates for Class Notes, educate classmates about the Wheaton Fund, write thank you notes, assist with event planning, obtain updates of classmate’s contact information etc… You have the potential to put your hand-print on your class and Wheaton through this volunteer position.
Alumnae/i & Parent Admission Committee (APAC)
This volunteer role provides you with the opportunity to stay connected to Wheaton and to have a role in shaping the next generation of students. You will be provided with up-to-date information from campus in order to represent Wheaton at a college fair, or provide an informational interview to a prospective freshman. By volunteering for APAC you will meet interesting people while building your own resume and networking skills.
Career Services Volunteer
Volunteering for the Career Center provides you an opportunity to engage with and learn more about current students. You can choose to provide mock or informational interviews and/or review resumes for students interested in your career field. In addition, you could provide an experiential learning opportunity such as an internship or job shadow. Don’t forget to look to Wheaton to fill your organization’s full-time hiring needs – post on our job database! Connect with current students at any of our networking programs. You will gain the satisfaction of helping students and expanding your personal and professional network.  If you would like to learn more about the Career Center, please click on this link: http://wheatoncollege.edu/career-services/

The volunteer opportunities listed above were chosen because they are for everyone regardless of location, availability, interest or expertise and because these positions satisfy a critical need for the college and provide alumnae/i with beneficial rewards. If you don’t see something that intrigues you, rest assured that more opportunities will be offered in the future. Questions? Contact Marco Barbone, Assistant Director for Alumnae/i Relations barbone_marco@wheatoncollege.edu or (508) 286-3382. Thank you.